Monday, June 9, 2008

Pumeria and Tapa: A Hawaii themed Background

Here's a background called Plumeria & Tapa. It is a Hawaii themed background perfect for your blog.

  1. Just download the image above,
  2. Host it on the site of your choice (I use
  3. Copy the code below
  4. Follow the instructions on the right.


Michael Reis said...

Oi, eu queria saber como que eu deixo o fundo centralizado tando verticalmente quento horizontalmente.
Obrigado, me responde nesse

MATAALII said...

Hello, I have tried numerous times to upload this as my blog background and it does not work for me. I realy like this background and would love to use it. Please email me with the correct code or let me know if I am doing something wrong. Thanks!

ShOoKeN sOdA said...

i love this background too...same wont post to my blog...any suggestions??

MaryLynn said...

i would love to use one but can't get it to work. help?

活鬼 said...

I like it!!
Can you give me some advices on my blog?
My blogger address is
Thanks very much!

Youth said...

hi, would you mind if I used this background for a school project?

Anonymous said...

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